On 23rd June 2017, the following was adopted by the company’s Board as the overriding Statement of Mission for Access Ambition:

Access Ambition exists to support cause-driven professionals and the values-led organisations which they seek to work for, lead, or establish in an effort to further such causes.

Specifically, Access Ambition’s mission is to identify, engage with, advise, and represent the very best talent available to advance and develop the causes which values-led organisations such as charities, NGOs, think-tanks, and membership associations etc. have been established to progress.

In fulfilling this mission, Access Ambition seeks to add value to two distinct yet interrelated classes of customers – professionals and employers. To our partner professionals we seek to provide specialist advice, support and practical assistance, as well as representation (to potential employers) so as to facilitate their ultimate career goals. To our client employers, we seek to supply our professional expertise, years of experience, sector connections, and any other resources we can bring to bear so as to acquire the greatest possible candidates for their vacancies.

Access Ambition commits to represent every one of our partner professionals in an accurate and truly authentic manner, in accordance with their stated priorities, interests, and values. Likewise, we pledge to always fairly and faithfully represent our client employers – at all times working in their best interests, in accordance with their declared values, and in support of their overall mission.

Access Ambition itself seeks to advance no particular cause or values, save a commitment to democracy and the free exchange of ideas. Nevertheless, through our work supporting cause-driven careers and recruiting for values-led employers we hope to facilitate the great work undertaken the country-over by individuals and organisations whom strive to forge a better world.

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