Autumn Headstart Offer – 20% Discount

Get a headstart on your forthcoming recruitment challenges whilst saving 20% on top of any agreed fees!

Autumn is traditionally a very busy time for hiring managers, HR professionals, and recruitment consultants alike. Access Ambition are therefore encouraging existing and prospective clients to engage us early in the recruitment process, both giving you preferential access to our pool of best-in-class candidates before competitor employers can be in touch with them, and allowing you the possibility of significant savings on your recruitment spend. Here’s our offer:

For all and any roles which Access Ambition is commissioned to work on between Tuesday 29th August and Monday 18th September (inclusive) we will offer the relevant client employer a 20% discount on all and any placement fees charged as an end result of such engagement, irrespective of when the recruitment fees are invoiced.

Key points:

  • This offer applies to all client employers whom engage Access Ambition during the time period detailed above.
  • You do not need to have been a previous client of Access Ambition’s to benefit from this offer – enquiries from new clients are most welcome.
  • The 20% discount applies to whatever fee structure is already in place between a client and Access Ambition – so if we have negotiated bespoke fees with you then we will charge those fees minus 20% when applying the offer. Alternatively, if we are commissioned to recruit for you under our standard terms of business then when applying the offer we will charge our standard fees minus 20%.
  • The 20% discount is contingent upon your engagement of Access Ambition during the relevant period detailed above, not when the placement / introduction fees are actually charged, subject only to the requirement that in order to benefit from the 20% discount the relevant placement / introduction fee must be invoiced by us and paid by you before 18th September 2018 (i.e. within 12 months of Access Ambition’s engagement by you).

Should you have any questions regarding this offer or ways Access Ambition could potentially aid your recruitment efforts, please call us on 020 8133 4684 or email

Please note that this offer is supplementary to our terms of business and does not replace or amend either bespoke agreed terms or our standard terms of business, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Our standard terms can be viewed by clicking here.


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