Access Ambition is seeking to identify new highly-experienced recruitment / executive search consultants to partner with us – see here for the full details of this exciting opportunity.

As the consultant / business partner position is an internal role, candidates referred to us whom are then engaged by Access Ambition in this role are not subject to our standard referral scheme (see here). However, these roles are of such importance to Access Ambition’s success and plans for future growth that we are offering a bespoke £1,000 referral fee to be offered to anyone who refers a potential consultant to us whom then goes on to be engaged in an an internal Managing Consultant or Recruitment Business Partner position.

To refer a potential new consultant / business partner to us under this offer, please email the full name and contact details of the individual whom you wish to refer directly to Access Ambition’s founder & CEO Matt McLaren at CEO@accessambition.co.uk

The following Terms & Conditions apply to this bespoke consultant referral offer:

FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS – Bespoke Consultant Referral Offer

  1. Access Ambition’s Bespoke Consultant Referral Offer is open and available to any person, association, or corporate body wishing to refer candidates to us (provided you have not already been engaged separately by Access Ambition to provide candidate-finding services to the company under separately agreed terms).
  2. Our Bespoke Consultant Referral Offer does not apply to individuals already known to us or whose details are already on Access Ambition’s electronic or paper records on the date the referral is made.
  3. There are no limits to the number of referrals any one individual, association, or corporate body can make.
  4. A referral fee will only be payable to you if and when the individual you refer to us is subsequently:
    (a) engaged by Access Ambition as a Managing Consultant or Recruitment Business Partner, or similar internal role howsoever titled; AND
    (b) undertakes recruitment activity for and on behalf of Access Ambition which directly or indirectly leads to Access Ambition invoicing clients for introduction fees which it would not otherwise have invoiced; AND
    (c) such aforementioned introduction fees have been paid to Access Ambition by the client so invoiced.
  5. The total value of referral fees payable to you for any one individual consultant you refer to us will not exceed £1,000.
  6. The value of any specific referral fee payable to you and schedule for payment shall be determined as follows:
    (a) You will be entitled to invoice Access Ambition for a referral fee valuing £200 (plus VAT, if applicable) each and every time the consultant whom you have referred to us and whom we have subsequently engaged invoices a client for an introduction fee for and on behalf of Access Ambition, whatever the face value of that introduction fee, up to a maximum of 5 times following the consultant’s engagement by Access Ambition (not including any instances where a referral fee invoiced goes unpaid due to lack of client remittance) and only for a period of 12 months following the commencement of the consultant’s engagement with Access Ambition.
    (b) The payment terms of all referral fee invoices under this Bespoke Consultant Referral Offer shall be within 28 days of client remittance. If the client fails to pay Access Ambition for fees invoiced we shall not owe you any referral fee with respect to this unpaid client invoice. Any invoices you submit to us for referral fees which go unpaid due to lack of client remittance shall not count toward the maximum of 5 invoices for a £200 referral fee permitted under 6 (a) above.
    (c) You shall have no entitlement to invoice Access Ambition for referral fees with respect to Access Ambition invoices to clients which (i) do not pertain to introduction fees; (ii) are not the result of activity undertaken by a consultant whom you have referred; (iii) are the result of activity undertaken by the consultant whom you have referred but the invoice in question is submitted to the client after 12 months has elapsed since the commencement of the consultant’s engagement with Access Ambition; or (iv) are the result of activity undertaken by the consultant whom you have referred but you have already invoiced Access Ambition for a £200 referral fee with respect to this consultant at least 5 times and have consequently already been paid a total of £1,000 in referral fees by Access Ambition for this consultant.
  7. To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, Access Ambition shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, expense, damage, delay, costs, or compensation which may result from participation in Access Ambition’s Bespoke Consultant Referral Offer.


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