We are seeking new Managing ConsultantsRecruitment Business Partners

Access Ambition is entering an exciting new phase of our development, seeking to expand our service offering and dramatically increase the number of clients and candidates with whom we work and represent.

As such, we are now seeking to engage new additional consultants / business partners whom are highly-experienced (ideally with at least 10 years’ experience in the recruitment and/or executive search fields) and motivated to achieve great things for themselves and the wider Access Ambition community, including fellow consultants, clients and candidates.


Remote Working, but with drop-in access to 30 UK office locations (27 in London alone, including the 24th Floor of the Shard – see

Commission-only – take home an average 65-75% of your desk’s billings from day one

100s of discounts & perks, professional development, career progression (with opportunities to be become an Associate Director, be appointed a chief officer, join the Board as a full voting member, and/or acquire a capital stake in the company).

Set you own hours (but realistically you must be willing to commit to more or less full-time in order to generate lucrative billings)

Contract Type:
Self-employed independent contractor – business partner status

Closing Date:
Expressions of interest are invited on an ongoing basis but should be submitted ASAP

Referral Value:
£1,000 (click here for details of our bespoke consultant referral offer)

Access Ambition aspires to be nothing less than a community of skilled, experienced, highly-motivated and extremely effective recruitment & search consultants working collaboratively in partnership with one another to both add value to our client employers and support our partner professionals throughout their career journey. If you might have an interest in joining and helping to shape this community, please read on to find out more.

The Organisation – ACCESS AMBITION

Access Ambition is a relatively small and recently founded bespoke recruitment consultancy supporting cause-driven careers. We specialise in pairing outstanding professionals with leading values-led employers, including charities, NGOs, think-tanks, social enterprises, membership associations, and advocacy bodies; in addition to sector partners, such as communications, public affairs, and fundraising consultancies.

We work with candidates at both senior executive and mid-career level (as well as more junior candidates when doing so assists our established clients). We recruit for the full range of roles typically found within our client organisations, including positions focused around:

  • Campaigns & Communications
  • Policy & Public Affairs
  • Fundraising (including Direct Marketing, Events, Trusts, Legacy, Corporate Partnerships, & Major Donor)
  • Project, Programme, & Operations Management
  • Corporate Services (including Finance, Legal, & Human Resources)
  • Office Support (including Database Management, Data Analysis, & Office Management)
  • Housing & Social Care Services (including Service Management & Support roles)
  • Medical, Nursing, & Clinical Support

We very much see ourselves as more than just a recruitment consultancy: our approach is to partner with the very best professionals in their field – seeking to build a truly authentic and lasting, mutually-beneficial relationship that will continue throughout their career; assisting them in making the sometimes difficult choices to facilitate their long-term career objectives as well as advising and supporting our partner professionals as they seek to implement major career decisions.


Access Ambition’s business model is unique in the recruitment industry and, as such, we do not approach the engagement of consultants in the typical way.

Besides our founder & CEO, who is an employed director of the company; Access Ambition does not employ any recruitment or search consultants! Instead, our consultants are all self-employed free agents managing their own projects, client base, and candidate recruitment & marketing activity.

The basic idea of the role is simple – you partner with Access Ambition for our mutual benefit. We will give you immense infrastructure support which you would not have otherwise have access to if just working for yourself (including, but not limited to: state of the art database with 3+ years’ data accumulation and activity recorded, dedicated telephone line, fax, and email facility; office 365, marketing and branding support via an (albeit relatively newly) established brand, website, social media presence, as well as regular e-Newsletters and other mailers to our network). In exchange, you will give Access Ambition an additional voice in the market – a consultant undertaking recruitment projects within our stated areas of competency, making contact with clients and candidates in our name, seeking to successfully match then together adding value to all parties.

Once engaged, we will support and encourage you to build your own desk of clients and candidates, working with other consultants wherever possible to maximise your mutual billing potential. No matter to what extend you work with other consultants, however, you choose when you work, where you work, and how you work. Indeed, we not only welcome but strongly encourage free-thinking, innovation, and creativity in addressing recruitment and career consultancy challenges.

Nevertheless, as you will not be an employee but something closer to a business partner (some of our consultants choose to use the title Business Partner rather than consultant for this reason) you will not be in receipt of a salary. Instead, our consultant / business partner remuneration package is based entirely on your activity and the extent to which it contributes to positive billing outcomes for Access Ambition’s community of consultants. In short, you receive an agreed percentage of everything you are in some way responsible for billing – even if not handling the placement directly yourself!

Specifically, three different types of entities are classed as ‘owned’ by individual consultants: clients, candidates, and vacancies. For each placement fee involving one or more entity you ‘own’, you can earn up to 25% of the client invoice value (regardless of whether you are the consultant making that particular placement), up to a maximum of 75% of any particular client invoice.


Risks to be Managed & Mitigated

  1. No salary and not necessarily knowing how much you’re going to earn each month;
    HOWEVER, whilst you won’t have a base salary you stand to earn substantially more of the fees you generate (taking home up to 75% of your billings) as compared to if you were in a salaried post. Moreover, even if you were to bill very little yourself in any given month, because of past activity leading to new clients and candidates being on our system which can then be used by other consultants, you could still find yourself in receipt of fees thanks to your colleagues’ activity building on your previous work. Moreover, most recruiters’ remuneration is at least in part commission based and so you wouldn’t necessarily know in advance what your monthly earnings would be anyway even in a salaried post.
  2. No pre-established ‘warm’ desk to take over when starting, with the need to have to build one for yourself over time;
    HOWEVER, Access Ambition is already an established name with several key clients and so you will have more access to potential clients as an Access Ambition consultant than if you just went out on your own and worked for yourself.
  3. Running out of money whilst establishing new desk/waiting for client invoices to be issued or paid;
    A genuine risk and not one to be underestimated, HOWEVER whilst personal financial planning is necessary to ensure your own cash-flow needs are met (especially at the beginning of your engagement when still building up your desk) Access Ambition can provide you with financial support such as bridging loans and/or one-off project fees provided it’s clear client invoices will be issued as a result of your activity. We take seriously the cash-flow needs of our consultants and will always do what we can to help. Moreover, we have a stellar accounts team, thanks to whom not a single client invoice has gone unpaid (in part or in full) since our founding in May 2014. If you’ve got our back, we’ll definitely have yours!
  4. Leaving a salaried job at an established company to work for a recently founded enterprise on a commission-only basis;
    RISKY, YES. BUT PERHAPS WORTH IT IN IN THE LONG-RUN. At the end of the day, the decision as to whether to leave somewhere else to be engaged by Access Ambition is one for individuals to make based on their own circumstances, preferences, and priorities. All we can say is that you get out of a role like this what you are willing to put in. Yes, Access Ambition is a relatively new enterprise and less well known than bigger and more established players in the marketplace, but we are also a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants who know what we’re doing and provide a genuinely authentic, tailored service to candidates and clients alike. That is highly valued by our partner professionals and recruiting clients and so already we are seeing repeat business and a loyal customer base forming. With the infrastructure and brand support we can provide new consultants there is no reason why a highly successful desk, with great billings attached to it, can’t be developed provided the consultant is willing and able to put the work in.

Opportunities to be Embraced & Maximised

  • Take home 65-75% of your desk’s billings from day one, plus later potentially receiving an additional 25-50% of other consultants’ fees if and when their placements build on your previous work. This is significantly higher proportion of billings taken home by consultants than is typical in the industry, even for senior recruitment consultant roles.
  • Perks & benefits – Access Ambition is a member of Perkbox and can supply consultants / business partners whom demonstrate commitment to their role with myriad perks and benefits, including free food & drinks at select outlets; heavily discounted gym memberships, experience days, theme park access, as well as cheap flights and hotel bookings etc.
  • Stunning work locations – Access Ambition’s facilities allow you to work from anywhere in the world (provided you don’t mind adjusting your routine to accommodate for any time difference) but it is also a member of the The Office Group (TOG) which has 27 buildings with office, meeting and event space in London alone. For consultants whom quickly demonstrate their value, we would consider providing them with an individual TOG membership, allowing them to work in stunning locations (such as the 24th floor of the Shard in London, as recently featured in our CEO’s #LondonOfficeTour series).
  • Professional Development – Access Ambition is committed to excellence and will fund training and development programmes (including IRP, CIPD or CMI accredited training) for consultants whom demonstrate their value to the Access Ambition community of consultants, clients and candidates.
  • Career Progression – Following at least 6 – 9 months of solid activity and billings as a consultant / business partner, the opportunity exists for your appointment as an Associate Director whereby you will be entitled to attend and speak (although not yet vote) at Board meetings. Associate Directors partner with the CEO and other Board members on specific projects and assume by mutual agreement strategic responsibility for managing aspects of the company’s business in a particular area. Associate Directors may then eventually go on to be appointed as executive directors / chief officers.
  • Capital stake and/or full membership of the Board (incl. voting rights) – this speaks for itself, but suffice to say that strong consultants whom have performed well as Associate Directors could eventually be offered a capital stake in the company, either as a straight-forward share purchase or in exchange for additional services performed for and on behalf of the company (such as their appointment as a chief officer, e.g. Chief Operations Officer, or Chief Marketing Officer etc.) All shareholders have representation on the Board, either as an executive director or via non-executive minority shareholder representatives whom they nominate.


Access Ambition will only admit new consultants to our community who can clearly demonstrate their potential value to our collective efforts for and on behalf of clients and candidates.

With respect to professional credentials, you will need to demonstrate at least a majority of the following key requirements:

  • At least 10 years’ experience in a predominantly recruitment related role, with the majority of that time spent in consultancy (as opposed to in house).
  • Either membership of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals as an Affiliate (AIRP), Member (MIRP), or Fellow (FIRP)) or the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development as Associate member (Asssoc CIPD), Chartered Member (Chartered MCIPD), or Chartered Fellow (Chartered FCIPD).
  • Professional or academic qualification in a recruitment related subject (CertRP, DipRM, or DipRL; CIPD; Bachelors or Masters degree in Human Resources including recruitment as a module or major course component) or other sector relevant subject (such as Masters degree in voluntary sector management).
  • Extensive knowledge of and/or connections to the third sector, including charities, social enterprises, and membership associations.
  • Extensive knowledge of and/or connections to the public affairs, policy, or political arenas; including think-tanks, Parliamentary or Government experience, or relevant NGOs.
  • Substantial recruitment experience handling high-level vacancies, partnering with senior executives or Board members in managing the recruitment process to completion.
  • Extensive end-to-end recruitment / executive search consultancy experience, including full 360° management of the recruitment process.
  • Previous experience of self-management and evidence that motivation comes from within rather than being primarily driven by external pressures.
  • Previous experience setting, monitoring, meeting and exceeding performance-related KPIs, ideally around recruitment and sales activity.

In addition, we will need to see evidence of the following key requirements with respect to the character and personal circumstances of would-be Access Ambition consultants / business partners:

  • Motivated to make a positive difference in the world in addition to seeking to acquire wealth
  • Ready, willing, and able to commit to Access Ambition – prepared to invest a significant amount of time and effort in building up a desk that will be highly lucrative to you in the long-term as well as providing a vehicle for making a positive social impact
  • The ability to support yourself financially without fees coming in for at least three months following your engagement by Access Ambition (even the best consultants cannot expect to earn high fees for themselves or the company before three months have elapsed, so personal financial planning and contingency is absolutely essential).

Express Your Interest or Find Out More – CONTACT OUR FOUNDER & CEO MATT MCLAREN

If having reviewed the details of the consultancy offer above you would like to express an interest in this opportunity, or would otherwise like to find out more; please make contact with our founder & CEO Matt McLaren directly.

Please call Matt on 020 8133 4684 or email including a brief overview of you career history and motivation for exploring this opportunity (full CV is preferred but not essential at this stage, provided you at least demonstrate how you meet the main criteria detailed above in your initial email).


As the consultant / business partner position is an internal role, candidates referred to us whom are then engaged by Access Ambition in this role are not subject to our standard referral scheme (see here). However, these roles are of such importance to Access Ambition’s success and plans for future growth that we are offering a bespoke £1,000 referral fee to be offered to anyone who refers a potential consultant to us whom then goes on to be engaged in an an internal Managing Consultant or Recruitment Business Partner position.

To refer a potential new consultant / business partner to us under this offer, please email the full name and contact details of the individual whom you wish to refer directly to Access Ambition’s founder & CEO Matt McLaren at

Terms & Conditions apply to this bespoke consultant referral offer – these can be viewed at:


Access Ambition is committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment and applications are encouraged from all sections of the community. All job applicants or work-seekers will receive equal treatment regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. To view our full Equal Opportunities Policy please visit

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